Livestock production

At Agro and Environmental services, we have dedicated team of professionals with over 15 years collective experience in Poultry farming, Snail farming, fishery and feed production. This broadly covers all areas of Poultry farming-Broilers, Layers and turkeys. Our team of expert would carry out a comprehensive assessment of your needs and provide you with a tailored advise to meet your specific needs.To optimise production on a broiler, layer or game site, requires careful and informed management decisions. Key performance indicators and economic factors, combined with bird health and welfare need to be considered. The move towards a core reduction in the use of antimicrobials highlights the need to be proactive with management practices and to pre-empt potential disease challenges.

The range covers a number of areas:

·         Acids and Water Sanitisers

·         Competitive Exclusion

·         Essential Oils

·         Dehydration and risk of heat stress

·         Microbiome Management