Our Services

Agriculture is vast and tedious, with so many areas of opportunities. Identifying the best area that is suitable for your investment needs and abilities ensures that you have a good chance at success. Through our Agribusiness advisory clinic we provide you with practical insight into available opportunities and the ability to meet with the various parties that can make your entry into the sector seamless. Click here for more information. Every business needs information to succeed. A combination of knowledge and understanding of the industry can provide the background necessary to evaluate current challenges, opportunities and trends in the sector and ultimately lead to success. We offer services in the following areas

Agricultural services provides includes but not limited to ;

  • Agro research and development
  • Agricultural training
  • Agro project management
  • Rural development
  • Crop production:  We encourage the integration of legumes in crop production which is nutritional, ecological, environmental and economically important.
  • Crop protection/Plant health
  • Water management

Livestock production:

·         poultry production; Training, advice and techniques for the growing of layers and broiler from day old brooding to sale

·         Snail Farming:

·         Fisheries:

·         Feed Production

Agro-allied input and supply

  • Organic farming
  • Extension services

Environmental services provided includes but not limited to:

  • Soil health
  • Climate change

Pollution and waste management